International Jury for the Jubilee Subsidy Call

The International Jury for the Jubilee Subsidy Call is an independent organ of the Brain Foundation the Netherlands. Like the Advisory Committee for Science and Innovation with national members, the International Jury advises the board of the Brain Foundation. In this case, the jury is brought together on the occasion of the € 1 million Jubilee Subsidy in 2020. (With this transdiagnostic grant for brain research we celebrate the 35 anniversary of the Brain Foundation).


Prof. dr. R.C.M. Hennekam, Professor emeritus pediatrics and translational genetics, University hospital AMC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


  • Prof. dr. C. Baeken, Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, University Hospital Gent, Belgium
  • Prof. dr. P. Cras, Professor of Clinical Neurology, University Hospital Antwerp, Belgium
  • Mrs. C. Van Doorne, Patient advisor, Vice-president of European Federation of Neurological Associations, Oud Turnhout, Belgium
  • Prof. dr. T. Ebendal, Professor emeritus Neuroscience, Uppsala University and Secretary of The Swedish Brain Foundation, Sweden
  • Mrs. Prof. dr. O. Hardiman, Professor of Clinical Neurology, Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute, Dublin, Ireland
  • Mrs. N. van Hoylandt, Patient advisor, Temse, Belgium
  • Mrs. J. Jaarsma, Patient advisor, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Mrs. Prof. dr. C. Oliveira, professor of Neuroscience, University of Coimbra, Portugal
  • Prof. dr. F.R. Poulsen, Professor of Neurocsurgery, Odense University Hospital, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark